don’t be so fast
to feel sad

don’t die on me

remember when the cops caught you
going 140 km on the freeway

all the grief
we went through
that year

mum sobbing
‘i’ll kill myself for this’
collapsed on the staircase

now you claim
you’ve been reborn

sorrow’s in pools
from the pills you vomited

mum’s bent over
cleaning you up

please don’t do it again

i sleep next door
with my ear to the wall
listening for signs
you’re okay



the highway
cloud cover and v formations
birds wonderful working together
the hills

i am sleeping awake into the daytime
i am waiting for wakefulness
i am coming to terms
with my illness
watching sheep

this motion
moves only landscape
i may want to cry
in the sunshine
and be just bones


being touched
by someone who will stay

not just by a doctor taking my blood pressure
a shopping centre masseuse
the tiny whiskers of a cat walking by
a cashier returning my change
a mosquito

why do they stop
why do things always have to end

i’m in my soft skin prime
why aren’t you touching me



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